LoRaWAN workshop on 36c3

29.12.2019 17:10-19:10 @ OIO workshop area.

I will be hosting a workshop on 36c3 giving an introduction to LoRaWAN. It will be more interactive than the Talk we gave last year and go deeper into details. We will start a talk-like presentation to give you the information you need to understand how LoRaWAN works and how to use The Things Network. There will of course be time for questions.

And there will be hardware! We are limited in resources, but we will have some LoRa-Chips that we can use to play with. If you want to participate you should bring a Laptop with Arduino development suit installed and preferably an Arduino you can program (I'm using Nano, but others should work as well). If your Arduino is operating at 5V and you do have a logic-converter to 3.3V, please bring that too, as our LoRa-chips operate on 3.3V.

We might be able to do something on a Raspberry Pi as well, but no promises there. I did not come around to try that out myself, yet.

To get basic information about LoRaWAN, you can rewatch our Talk from last year: https://media.ccc.de/v/35c3chaoswest-27-long-range-radio-communication-for-everyone-using-lorawan-

If you are interested and want to get in touch, have any questions or proposals, try mastodon: @deepcyber@chaos.social

Thanks to Open Infrastructure Orbit!

Entry in the OIO-Fahrplan, see https://talks.oio.social/36c3-oio/talk/VHZQKJ/