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Being the most important provider in all disciplines of cyber, deep cyber is of course present at the world's most important cyber convention: the Chaos Communication Congress!

Do not hesitate to contact us, be it in cyber space (34c3 at or in the so called real world (at whatever place our assembly will end up).


Planning the assembly. Members feel free to edit. Anyone else: don't dare reading on. This is strictly internal!


Finishing the registration on the 34c3-wiki. To see all the necessary and current values, feel free to go to and enter “deepcyber” - you should see values, but I think only I can change them.

Stuff we need to discuss. All contributions are welcome!


a nice one to link here would not hurt…

Short description

Place a short description of your Assembly into this field. For detailed information use the Free Text field below. Please do not use any wiki-code except line breaks or lists within this field.

“A bunch of people willing to enjoy the congress together with somewhat of a shared background in machine learning. Also we do very deep cyber. The deepest of all cybers.”


Add tags describing your Assembly. You might want to use tags provided via autocompletion or add new tags that do not yet exist along the wiki.

“machine learning, ai, deep learning, neural networks”

Parent / associated / competence center

I'm open to suggestions.

Sessions / Stage

I'm not seeing that. Any of you?

Character of assembly

“Just a gathering place” – I think, that we are, honestly.

Things we bring

Anything missing?


Well, we have the VMSE2000 - anything else worth mentioning?


We are, to my current counting, 12 plus 3 halfways (1 from nemo, 2 from flo). Rule of thumb: ~3.75 seats. Sounds few. How about 5? Hardest part.

extra seats

Is that relevant? We have no sessions…

area needed

square meters. no idea.

place near passage

more passing by or more quite? I'd say “whatever”.

money handling

I said “yes”, because of VMSE2000 giving bit coin tickets. Will clear that in detail mail with c3 staff.

planed sessions

I plan none. Do you?

Arrival and build-up

2017-12-27 is my guess. Nothing big needs build up afaik.

Detailed description

That's a wiki page. We need to be creative.