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Touches for sequences can short or long. For the want of better symbols, letters are used to indicate touches - upper case indicates long touch, lower case indicates short touch. There is no “hold and repeat” function on sequences, as that does not really fit well with sequences. There are four finger tip touch sensors:

  1. Index Finger – A
  2. Middle Finger – B
  3. Ring Finger – C
  4. Pinky Finger – X

(counting starts at 1, because thumb is 0)

Pinky Escape

Finger X is not used for sequences; that Finger Tip has a fixed meaning, mainly independent of context:

  • x: Cancel/Go back one level
  • X: Cancel everything, go back to start state

This ensures, that actions can be cancelled without knowing the exact state of the system. X gives an easy way to put the system into a known state from every situation, even without having access to the display or other outputs.


Sequences are initiated from start state by a single or multiple c, followed by a combination of a, A, b, and B, and completed by a single c. The number of initial cs is used to group sequences in thematic groups. Sequences are written with a 'c' followed by the number of repetitions, followed by the a/b sequence, and without the final c, so here are some examples with their full finger tip sequences:

  • c2abccabc
  • c1bAbcbAbc
  • c4accccac